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The Devil They Made Me

The Incident 1991

Demi closed his eyes and hissed a curse under his breath when he heard the front doorknob rattle. He had an idea who was coming through the door before he saw the front door slowly being pushed open. Aside from Mrs. Johnson who sat on the sofa crying, no one made a sound as UGod’s henchman pulled Giselle inside the house and slammed the door shut. 

Giselle gasped as she stumbled forward. Her gaze met Demi’s and her eyes widened as if she was shocked that he was inside her home. 

Demi fisted his hand as he forced himself to stay still but relaxed them at his sides when she righted herself and didn’t fall on her face. He watched as Giselle looked around her living room. Her questioning gaze fell on her parents but when they said nothing, she looked to Demi again. He noticed she didn’t look scared at all. She should be terrified because everyone in this city UGod was a stone-cold killer. 

No one but Giselle and his two-man crew seemed to acknowledge his presence so Demi felt comfortable openly watching Giselle from across the room. Her long thick dark hair was pulled into a single side ponytail. The uniform she wore was crisp and clean, her longs socks were pulled up over her knees, and the vest over her white shirt was still buttoned up. After a long day at school, she was still put together as if her day was just starting.

Giselle was a looker but her innocence was apparent to Demi as soon as he laid eyes on her on his first day at Laure Prep. She seemed like a nice girl. One whose father was apparently a thief.

β€œGo to your room, Giselle.” Mr. Johnson finally spoke up. 

Demi knew it was too late for that. 

β€œStay where you are, sweetheart,” UGod said to Giselle then he looked at Mr. Johnson. β€œYou know what I think, Jack? I think your beautiful daughter will do so much better than your wife.” 

β€œPlease, don’t do this,” Mrs. Maria, Giselle’s mom begged. 

Demi looked over at the woman from where he stood. He met the Johnson’s a few times being as Mr. Johnson was his father’s accountant. Demi sat in on meetings between the two men occasionally. Demi had seen Mrs. Johnson and their daughter whenever UGod threw a party. 

The fucked-up part about this situation was the Johnsons wouldn’t even be in this mess today if UGod didn’t ask Demi to go over the numbers a few days ago. Demi found some discrepancies. He checked the numbers three times and they just weren’t adding up.

β€œMr. Carrion, I’m sorry. I just… I had something come up. I didn’t think you would miss the money before I had time to put it back. I can have the money for you tomorrow. I promise. Please.” 

What a fucking idiot, Demi thought as he stared at Mr. Johnson. Why didn’t UGod just kill the sleaze outside the man’s office and be done with it? 

But Demi knew what UGod would say to that. β€œIf I kill everyone who owes me money,” Demi thought, using UGod’s tone, β€œthen how will I ever get paid?”

β€œYou knew who I was when you blooded the contract,” UGod said, as he casually walked toward Giselle and held out his hand. β€œGiselle , sweetheart? Do you know who I am?”

Demi hated that tone his father just used above all the others. This particular one usually signaled that there would be no compromising