A Tastes of Spring, a contemporary romance by Shea Swain

A Taste of Spring


When her sister falls ill, Spring steps in to save her sister’s job. All she has to do is pretend to be an escort who is hired to entertain a stranger for the night. Only, this man can’t know that she is an escort. Easy right? Well, it was until she broke her sister’s cardinal rule. Do not ever go home with the client.

Desmond’s new book is getting horrible reviews. Depressed, embarrassed, and feeling betrayed, he only wants to hide away until the spotlight on his work fades. Except his best friend won’t allow it and convinces him to meet up at their usual hangout. But instead of finding his friend who is a no-show, Dez meets a beautiful angel of inspiration.

Breaking the rules come with consequences and when Spring finds herself inexplicitly drawn to the handsome author, will she be able to keep up with her lies or risk breaking Dez’s trust? 

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 The site, Shush, was classy. Not at all sleazy like Fallon thought it might be. The women were beautiful, definitely upscale. He looked at each one with a buyer’s eye. He wanted the best. She had to be perfect in every way. She had to be the fantasy, but not unbelievable.

Fallon narrowed his eyes when he came to one particular image that stood out above the twenty-two others. β€œBrittney,” he whispered. The image was of a woman with seductive hazel eyes and smooth brown skin. He clicked on the image and it took him to her stats.

She looked a bit thinner than he liked but she wasn’t for him. β€œShe likes traveling, fine cuisine, but doesn’t shy away from roughing it and can be whatever you want her to be. Good,” Fallon said as he clicked the contact button.

The button opened a chat window that said, you are connected to Brittney. Please type your name.

β€œHmmm,” he hummed as he typed. β€˜Hello. My name is Fallon and I’d like to hire you Friday night for my friend. But there are conditions. He must know you are an escort or that I hired you.’

β€˜Hello, Fallon. My discretion is a priority as a Shush representative and a woman. Tell me, what kind of woman does your friend like?’

β€˜He doesn’t really have a type but he loves the color green. Of the women I’ve seen him interested in, they seem to wear little to no makeup. He also seems to like to see her face so I suggest you wear an updo.’

β€˜That’s fine. Did you read the terms of service, Mr. Fallon?’

β€˜I understand that you are not a prostitute, yes. That isn’t what I want. I want him to have fun, to forget his troubles for a night. I need you to remind him how amazing a woman’s company can be.’

β€˜Is he some kind of woman hater?’

Fallon chuckled as he typed, β€˜No, nothing like that. Dez is harmless, artsy, a writer. He is a bit depressed over his latest book release. I just need you to lift his spirits.’

β€˜That I can do. You will need to forward me his image, the time, and where. I will make him forget all his troubles for one evening. If we have a deal, a down payment is required.’

Fallon smiled as he clicked on the Pay Down Payment button. He was redirected to a payment screen where he typed in his credit card information and the amount of four hundred dollars.