Contemporary and Erotic Reads

What Lilly Wants

Contemporary, Best Friend's sister, Romance

It was a single moment of weakness that Reece couldn't take back. One taste and he is hooked. Now, resisting Lilly will be harder than ever.



Romance, Christmas Romance, Holiday, Running from abuse

Hate fueled Nisa for over six years. Regret ate at Trent. When their paths collide, they discover they share in a great loss.   


Chained to the Devil's Son

Chained to the Devil's son, Enemies to lovers, Young love, hate to love, suspense, alpha

When Evelyn's family made a wrong turn onto the property of one of the most racist men in the South, she discovered that Hell is definitely a place on Earth. 


Winter's Icy Heart


Winter didn’t expect her β€˜friend turned lover’ might just be the death of her. When she leaves him during a storm, she must rely on a gorgeous stranger for help. 


A Taste of Spring

Romance, escort, love,

When her sister falls ill, Spring steps in to save her sister’s job. All she has to do is pretend to be the escort who was hired to entertain a stranger for the night. 


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Paranormal, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi Reads


Romance, Dark Romance, Murder, Suspense, Betrayal, Telekinesis,

A chance meeting brings Aria and Ian together but what they endure links them forever. Ian wants answers and revenge. Aria wants to forget that awful night. But forgetting is not an option when you know too much.

Para-Sci Romance 

The Binding of the Halo Saga

Romance, Clandestine race, Telekinesis, superhuman abilities, Epic reads, Coming of Age,

Can you resist the man you love to keep him safe when he persistently pursues you?  

If being with the woman you love means you suffering, experiencing pain, and your possible death…do you brave it all for love? 

Paranormal Epic Romance

The Coesen

Historical Romance, Science fiction, Betrayal, Egyptian Empire, Warriors

When four friends return from a rite of passage, CHANGED, the must convince their loved ones and potential mates that they aren't dangerous. And when the Pharaoh discovers their abilities, he threatens war unless the four does his bidding.

Historical Paranormal Romance 

Heaven On Hell Island

Heaven on Hell Island, Lost, Deserted Island Romance, Hate to love, Racist redemption

If Bleu St. James relied on her first impression of Chris, she might have let him drown. But there is something about him that inexplicably draws her in. With being stranded on a mysterious deserted island, Bleu must depend on a survivalist who also happens to be a hate-filled extremist.

Para-Sci Romance 

Proposal from Hell


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Dark Bright: Claiming His Angel

Romance, Angels, Demons, Paranormal Romance, Heaven and Hell

Throughout Aniya’s childhood, a boy who seems to be the same age shows up and protects her whenever she is in danger or distress. 

Aniya eventually forgets all about her Guardian Angel. But when  handsome mysterious stranger appears once again, he tells Aniya that an evil ancient sect known as the Dark Bright is coming and he is the only one who can protect her. 

Paranormal Romance

Love and Infection

Romance, Zombies, Apocalypse, Virus, Love, Paranormal

With zombie-like creatures attacking and mercenaries out to kill them, the anger Akin’s kept locked away his entire life is threatening to break free. But he can’t give in until Jasmyn is safe and if that means losing himself to the beasts inside that the zombie infection is feeding, then so be itHT:  Claiming his Angel. Akin is willing to make the sacrifice. 

Para-Sci Romance 

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CANDY GRAM: A Romantic Short