Reece has every intention of keeping his hands off of Lilly, his deceased best friend’s sister. But Lilly’s unintended seduction has him skating the very edge of his self-control. And after, one accidental yet red-hot slip-up, Reece can’t help conjuring images of them together. For Lilly, the slip-up is an awakening that confirms her buried desires.

She wants more.

How can he resist Lilly now?

This book was formally released as LASCIVIOUS

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Name: Lilly Miles

Eye Color: Hazel Age: 18 Likes: Watching Movies, Messy Burgers, and Boy Shorts Life Goals: Building up her stamina  


Name: Reese Jackson

Eye Color: Brown 

Age: 27 

Occupation: Law Enforcement Hobbies: Practical Jokes Favorite Food: Messy Cheeseburgers  


Name: Gavin Michaels

Age: 22 

Eye Color: Green 

Occupation: Law Enforcement 

Worst Memory: Killing his Father  

Best Memory: Seeing Lilly The First Time  

Name: Brenda and Blair Collins

Eye Color: Brown
Age: 18
Twin Power: Finishes Each Others Sentences
Crushing on: Michael B. Jordan, Reese Jackson, 



 Lilly Miles barreled down the hallway at full speed, slowing only when she turned the corner that led to the kitchen. The ripped v-neck of her loose fitting half shirt hung low in the front, exposing one perfect mound of her firm breasts.
     β€œDon’t press play yet,” she called, as she grabbed the popcorn from the breakfast bar and the chilled bottle of water next to it. Her run became a fast walk when she entered the living room. She set the large metal bowl and bottled water on the table in front of the sofa, then flopped down next to Reece. He sighed but scooted over, giving her ample room on the sofa to sit comfortably. β€œI’m sorry,” she winced, β€œBrenda saw Heath with Cindy Middleton and she wanted to tell me.”
     β€œI don’t like that boy, Lilly. He’s probably dating that chick,” Reece said, as he pushed play on the remote.
     Lilly ignored the space he offered her and sat Indian style so close to him that her long smooth leg rubbed up against his knee. β€œHeath and I aren’t exclusive Reece. He can date who he wants. If you give him a chance,” she started, scooting back on the sofa, β€œI’ll promise to never be late for movie night again.”

 Reece settled back on the sofa and tried to give his full attention to the movie. But he was in a foul mood and it wasn’t about that little punk Heath, although the little bastard did grind his fucking gears.
     His problem was Lilly. She was an eighteen-year-old fucking wet dream walking and she didn’t have a damn clue. If she did, she wouldn’t be parading around the house in those barely-there gym shorts. Shorts like those should be outlawed. If he had practiced law instead of becoming a cop, then those damn shorts would be the first on his list of things to rally against. The way they rode up her toned, tan thighs was going to be the death of him.
     Reece had asked her a hundred times to wear clothing more suitable around the house but, as usual, Lilly ignored him. If her parents hadn’t passed away when she was just thirteen years old maybe she would know better than to prance around like this.
     He glanced over at his Lilly. Her long dark hair was pulled into a loose knot at the top of her head. Several shorter strands fell from the mass, making it look sort of messy yet sexy. Her youthful skin was surprisingly clear and soft as if puberty had no adverse effects on her. Those hazel eyes were a gift from her mother and so were her extra long dark lashes, full pouty lips, and her shapely body. Reece had never seen her breasts uncovered but he was certain that they were perfect.
     Fuck, he thought, as he took her in. Just before he looked away, Lilly luscious lips spread into an innocent smile. God, her smile was going to be his undoing. Reece threw his head back and silently prayed, asking God to forgive his thoughts. What the hell was wrong with him? In his defense, he’d never imagined having Lilly under him but looking at her and cataloging her attributes was dangerously close to the act.
     Reece reached forward and grabbed a handful of popcorn out of their shared bowl on the table. He munched as he tried to focus on the movie and shut down his thoughts about Lilly. He made a mental note to talk to her about her clothing again.
     After the movie was over, Reece stretched his legs and tried to raise his arms above his head but Lilly’s head and upper body were resting on his side. She had fallen asleep. So much for movie night, he thought, as he slowly slid from under her and stood without waking her.
     For a few seconds, Reece just watched her. Lilly was so beautiful and the way she was laid out on the couch made her so tempting. His eyes moved over her lovely face, her lips, and down her neck. He tensed when he saw that her shirt had fallen open.
     Reece had full view of one of Lilly’s perfectly roundβ€”what looked to be a B cupβ€”breasts. Her dark nipple looked firm and the image of sucking it into his mouth flashed in his mind. He tried to shake the thought from his head.
     Oh shit! Reece almost came undone when he looked away from her breasts to find her trimmed pubic hair and the smooth pink lips of her sprawled out pussy staring up at him. The shorts she wore were loose around her thighs and with no panties on, Lilly's sweetness was fully exposed. She was still sitting Indian style but her upper body had fallen over when he had moved, causing the striking scene before him.
     Shit, shit, shit…his cock was as hard as granite. β€œShit,” he whispered. He was hard because Lilly’s perfect little pink pussy was winking at him. Reece turned away and paced the length of the sofa a few times. He couldn’t stop the thoughts that ran through his head. His cock flexed when the image of him on his knees licking her cunt dry, popped into his head.
     Fuck! Reece backed away nervously. His breathing grew ragged as he rubbed his wet palms over his thighs. This was stupid. "Just pick her up and put her in her bed like usual", he told himself but didn’t move.
     β€œMove asshole,” he whispered to himself, after turning around to see her pussy glistening in the light of the television. Reece sucked in his bottom lip and bit down hard enough to taste his own blood. God, he wanted to taste her. β€œYou’re a fucking asshole,” he whispered. β€œA fucking asshole,” he said again. Move! The sooner she was in her bed; the sooner he could get those damn images out of his head.
     Reece bent over and place one arm under Lilly’s upper back and other under her legs then lifted her up in his arms. He couldn’t resist rubbing his cheek over her head but once he realized what he was doing he stopped.
     Walking down the hall as fast as he could, Reece pushed open her bedroom door and hurried to her bed. The grey and white room didn’t scream college bound. It kind of whispered it. There were no posters of shirtless actors or music stars. No brightly colored patterns or art work tacked on the walls. Clean lines, framed art, and a neatly arranged closet greeted him as he entered.
     Reece gently started to place Lilly on the bed, he froze when Lilly shifted in his arms. When he attempted to lay her down, she rolled and he fumbled to catch her legs as her lower body hit the bed. That’s when he felt it. Warm moisture covered his two fingers that had slipped between her thighs. Reece kept his hand and fingers perfectly still as he lowered Lilly’s upper body onto the bed.
     He kept his hand in place as he slowly dropped to his knees. Reece looked at his fingers that were inside the folds of Lilly’s slick hot pussy. He didn’t want to remove them. He wanted to play, taste, and suck on her core until she screamed with delight.
     Reese shook his head. It’s not right.
    Yet when he attempted to pull his fingers free, Lilly moved. Reece stilled again, determined not to wake her. No way was he going to get caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Another shift caused his fingers to slide over her little nub and she moaned. Reece’s cock throbbed and jerked so hard that he felt it was going to burst.
     She moved her hips again and more of her wetness coated his fingers. Reece wasn’t sure what made him do it but he slid his fingers slowly around the outside of her slit, crossing over her clit twice. His actions didn’t wake her but he couldn’t keep silent. Reece moaned softly and his cock jerked several more times as he played with her pussy. His hips involuntarily rocked forward. When he realized what he was doing, he abruptly pulled his fingers free.
Reece pulled the sheet that sat at the foot of the bed over her with his clean hand then hurried to his room. He closed his bedroom door and went straight to his bathroom. He hurried to the second door to his bathroom that led into the hallway and locked it. Reece went to the sink and turned on the hot water to wash his hands. He reached for the soap but stopped before he pressed the pump.
     It dawned on Reece that he wasn’t breathing so he took a deep breath. He closed the toilet seat and sat down then scrubbed his hand over his face but froze again. Fuck…it was the hand that had been in Lilly’s sweet pussy. He could smell her innocence on them and she smelled so good he almost came in his shorts.
     He moved his fingers under his nose and took a deep sniff. Her pussy smelled so good that his cock jumped repeatedly like a bird pecking at corn. Without thinking about what he was doing, Reece placed the two fingers on the tip of his tongue.
     He moaned as he pulled his aching cock free of his shorts. While he kept his coated fingers on the tip of his tongue he let his hardness go long enough to pump some lotion that sat on the bathroom sink into his palm.
     He smoothed the lotion over his aching cock and started pumping up and down. A guttural rumble rose from his chest and came out as a heady moan when he allowed his lips to close over his fragrant fingers. Reece pumped his hardness with more vigor. Lilly’s taste was blinding and his head spun as he savored it. Moaning over his fingers again, he savored her alluring smell that was under his nose and in his mouth…and he loved it.
     Reece growled and pumped faster. Her taste was almost gone from his fingers so he started to lick them greedily, wantingβ€”needing more. He wished his face was buried between her thighs and that he was licking her sweet twat. He strained, panted. He was close, so close…. God, I’m so damn close! His head fell back and he growled as he squirted stream after stream of cum into the air. His hand continued to pump until he was drained completely.